The malcolm way. The GIA way.

Todd Malcolm is celebrating his thirty-eight year in the jewelry industry as a diamond engagement and wedding ring specialist. Todd is a graduate of the gemological institute of America, holding the institute's highest degree of graduate gemologist. Todd’s biggest fulfilment as a jeweler is working closely with clients in private to find their dream ring in a price range that they are comfortable with. Todd will teach you the fundamentals of selecting quality jewelry, reading, and understanding GIA Certified Diamonds, plus, answering all your gem and jewelry questions. While doing so, will take the guesswork out of your diamond engagement and wedding ring purchase.

how it works

  1. Call for an initial free consultation - a casual meeting either by phone or in person where I introduce you to the Malcolm Way. 
  2. Have a style in mind, share photos or I can guide you in finding the perfect mounting
  3. Determine your budget. I work with clients of all budgets but recommend you have a price range in mind.
  4. Stone Selection – I will explain the 4C’s, especially cut and hand select the stone to meet your desired quality and budget.
  5. Mounting Design- Using your inspiration I guide you in the selection of the perfect mounting 
  6. I put it all together for you so you can enjoy it for a lifetime.

Call Todd to set up a personal appointment at 309-764-1213

GIA Certification

A GIA report is a full scientific assessment of your diamonds’ four c’s: color, Cut, clarity, and carat weight. It gives the consumer a peace of mind that an unbiased third party has evaluated the gemstone for quality and authenticity. Using GIA’s rigorous standard to determine its grade and value


      Diamond and colored stone jewelry. 

      Special order only, call Todd Malcolm at (309) 761-1213 for details or set up a personal appointment.

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      14725-01 Engagement Ring
      14725-01 Engagement Ring
      14725-01 Engagement Ring

      14725-01 Engagement Ring

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      CALL FOR PRICING (309) 764-1213

      Ladies 14k White gold Dimond wedding set. Round Halo design. Combination prong and bead set. Special order only, call for details.

      Stories from the heart collection
      All jewelry comes with a jewelry box, polishing cloth, and a story card. An 18 inch sterling silver wheat chain is included in all sterling silver purchases. Gold and White Gold Chains are sold separately.
      Great for gender reveal!!
      Blessed with children only $152.00. Shop Stories From the Heart Collection now.
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